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Lack of Maintenance is the #1 Cause of Heating and Air Conditioner Failure in Dawsonville!

At Duncan Heating and Air Services we realize the importance of having your system properly maintained in Dawsonville. We now offer a Preventive Maintenance Comfort Program that gives our customers a piece of mind when it comes to their heating and cooling systems in Dawsonville. With proper maintenance of your HVAC you could add years of life to your system. It will also make your system operate more efficiently, which will help cut cost on your utility bills. Did you realize that having your heating and air system checked regularly can help find small problems before they become large costly ones.

Enrollment in our Preventive Maintenance and Comfort Program in Dawsonville has many benefits.

You are entitled to many discounts, including 15% discount on all parts and labor for any emergency service call and discounts on replacement equipment. A free standard 1" filter at your Spring and Fall scheduled visit. We keep a record of your equipment type and size, last date serviced, if any repairs were made, any parts replaced ,Freon added, filter size and notes on any potential problems or concerns.

Program Pricing... When you enroll in our Preventive Maintenance Comfort Program the cost is $129.00 per year for the first system and $69.00 for each additional system. Once enrolled we will schedule a time for your initial visit. ( Your first visit might take a little longer than future visits because there is so much information to record.)

Early Fall / Winter... *Check Thermostat , *Replace Standard 1" Filter,* Check Main Blower Motor Operation,*Inspect Heat Exchanger, *Test Emergency Heat Strip,* Check Gas Valve Operation,*Check Inducer Motor Operation,* Check Limit and Safety Controls,*Inspect Burners,*Check Pilot and Assembly Fittings,*Inspect Exhaust Vent Piping,* Clean Inducer Assembly Fittings,* Clean Flame Sensor Assembly and Check Hot Surface Ignitor.

Early Spring / Summer ... *Check Thermostat , *Replace Standard 1" Filter,* Check Main Blower Motor Operation,*Check Electrical Disconnect Wiring, *Test Line Load Voltage,* Check Outdoor Fan Operation,*Check Compressor Amp Draw,* Inspect Fan Blades, *Clean Outdoor Coil,*Check Condensate Pump Operation,* Install Drain Pump Tablets and Inspect For Water Leaks Around Unit.

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